Creating iPhone applications for the paramedic.
Because who wants to carry everything in paper form.


Welcome to Our Website

We create iPhone paramedic applications how we would like to see them, because we are paramedics. We know what it is like to want a handy guide for all your medications and policies/protocols, because there is always a need to reference something or even quiz yourself on your down time.


About us

We are paramedics who also happen to know a little about programming for the iPhone. The combination allows us to make an application that we ourselves would like to use.

What Do We Do


We take input from emails (paramedics just like you) and try to make the best paramedic application available on the App store.


With the latest updates:
The latest versions we are turning out allows us to have live updates without having to submit a simple revision to the App store. Whenever the EMS agency updates a change, we can make a few changes on our end, and the next time you start the application, you will automatically have those updates.