On-The-Fly Updates updates

      With the latest edition to ‘La County Paramedic,’ we have added the ability to have on-the-fly updates. Usually when a small edition/subtraction is made to a program, the developer would ‘re-make’ the program and submit the update to Apple for approval. (which can take up to 14 days)

   With the addition of on-the-fly updating, we now have the ability to do an update such as a new policy/medication as soon as we can get our hands on them. To receive those updates, there is nothing you have to do on your end. The program automatically checks our servers for any updates that have came out. If the program sees any changes, they are automatically downloaded to your device. (internet connection required)

Main Screenlaco01

   From the main screen you have the ability to choose from policies, protocols, SFTP’s, medical control guidelines, LA county approved drugs, national registry drugs, common home medications, and also home medication classes.

Nearest Hospitalshospitals

  Version 2.0 added the ability to locate the nearest receiving facility based on your GPS location. Once the hospitals have been located, you can also have the ability to ‘Map’ yourself into that facility, or even call the ER directly. If the hospital is a BASE hospital, that number will be in place of the direct ER line.

*iPhone Required for GPS capability. If you are on a iPod Touch, you will still have the ability to ‘Map’ yourself in, or view the phone number of the facility.   


  All LA County DHS policies, protocols, medical control guidelines, and SFTP’s are available for viewing on your device. Making those old ‘pocket study’ aids virtually useless.


  All La County approved medications are available for you to use anytime you would like. Also included are one-hundred and eleven (111) national registry medications, more than fourteen-hundred of common home medications, and their drug classifications.

Drug Cardsmeds-defined

  All medications are in a nice iPhone/iPod Touch friendly format, eliminating the need to ‘pinch to zoom.’