LA County Paramedic

An iOS (iPhone/iPad) program that is a comprehensive list and overview of the policies, procedures, medications, as well as a reference of the most common home medications and their classes.

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Fully Responsive

The application looks good on any iPhone or iPad, no matter the size.

Clean Design

Easy to navigate interface makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Pixel Perfect

Use the normal "pinch to zoom" for most of the documents, allowing you to use your entire screen when viewing documents.


The LA County Paramedic application has many features that will ensure you never need your old "pocket study" guide again.

  • On-the-fly Updates

    The program automatically checks our servers for any updates that have came out. If the program sees any changes, they are automatically downloaded to your device.

  • Nearest Hospitals

    Locate the nearest receiving facility based on your GPS location, and/or filter based on their services.

  • Medications

    All La County approved medications are available for you to use anytime you would like.

  • Policies/Procedures

    All LA County DHS policies, protocols, and medical control guidelines are available for viewing on your device. Making those old ‘pocket study’ aids virtually useless.

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Currently only available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices.